When we meet with our clients, one of the first steps we take is understanding the current and targeted business environment of the company. While economics, concessions, and business clauses are obvious important elements of a lease, an invaluable variable when determining the correct fit is will the building, suite, and interior finishes of the office space reflect the business culture of which the company is built on.

Whether a company is collaborative, tech, or corporate ultimately dictates what building may be the right fit for your company. Within the leased four walls, any space can be recreated and designed to accomplish the mirrored culture of a company, but outside your leased premises, the elements are out of your control, and you want a building that accomplishes both.

For example: Does the building offer amenities, such as conference facilities to perhaps eliminate inefficiencies in your own leased space? Does the building offer amenities that are attractive to YOUR employees – gyms, locker rooms, bike racks, tenant lounges with wi-fi, outdoor space, restaurants, dry cleaning, and so forth.

It is important to remember that hard work and determination make a company successful, but the employees engagement and excitement to come to work in an environment and culture that is reflective of the overall objectives is invaluable. Never sacrifice your culture, and ensuring your space is reflective of that culture, plays a strong role in employee retention, overall workplace vibe, and recruiting new employees and prospective clients.

We pride ourselves in not rushing to the tour and negotiation stage of the leasing process, rather taking the time to emerge ourselves in understanding what makes the company tick, so that we can narrow the effectiveness of the property search, and thus present properties and spaces that are truly in line with your company’s culture and environment. By understanding the culture and company first and foremost, it allows us to think as an extension of your company, rather than a hands off third party real estate service company.

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